How to download

How to download

I will show you how to download the document from this website.

1. First you select the document to download.

2. If it is free, I means the price is $0(zero). You just need to fill in some basic information, then click the buy button.

3. The site will redirect you to the download window.

4. You just click on link at the bottom to download.

5. Now look at the left corner of the screen, click download (no matter whether the document has a password or not)

6. If the download is for a fee, you will need a PayPal account or Master / Visa card.

7. After clicking Purchase, your shopping cart will display the product quantity and total price.

8. You will be redirected to the product confirmation page after pressing the Checkout button. Fill in the information requested. Note, you should enter the correct to ensure the benefits later, then click the Purchase button.

9. Fill your Paypal account to complete payment

10. The payment page appears, you need to do is check the information and confirm payment (Pay now).

11. Payment result is complete

12. You will be redirected to the download page with the purchase information after clicking Return to Merchant. Please note that: the password and download link will be displayed here and will be emailed to you via email.

13. Just click on the link, the download window will open. Enjoy your achievements.

If the document requires a password, enter the sequence of characters in step 12 or look in the order confirmation email or the usual 12 characters of the file name.

If you need help, click HERE