Sheji Hanyu Di1Ji Xiezi Keben

Ten Level Chinese (Level 1): Textbook of Chinese Characters

This is the accompanying textbook for Ten Level Chinese (Level 1): Integrated Textbook. It has altogether 16 lessons, in which unit summaries are written after every three lessons. In each lesson, twenty Chinese words are carefully selected from the corresponding Integrated Textbook as the main teaching materials. The students are required to read and write these words. There are four parts in every lesson, “Chinese characters”, “Exercises”, “Take a look at the ancient Chinese characters” and “Compare the following simplified characters with their traditional forms”. The first two parts are the main teaching materials, while the last two parts are optional for the learners. The unit summary, which includes the parts of “Chinese character bank”, “Structure of Chinese characters”, “Skills of identifying Chinese characters”, “Exercises” and “Knowledge of Chinese characters”, sums up the Chinese characters in the previous three lessons.