Chinese Course Levels

Chinese Course Levels

Whether you’re a complete beginner (Newbie) or an Advanced learner, PDF Chinese has an eBook for you. Today, I’m going to give you a brief introduction to all the levels that we offer.


If you’re new to Chinese, we recommend you to start on the newbie classes.  They contain all the basic information to get you speaking as soon as possible and contain high-use phrases for greetings, directions, introducing yourself, etc. 

Elementary Download

When you can get by with some key phrases, but are looking to start having basic conversations in Chinese, elementary lessons will help you make the jump.

The elementary level contains hundreds of conversations to rapidly improve your language for most of the situations that life throws at you. At this stage, we begin to introduce basic grammar structures, (don’t worry, Chinese grammar is easier than most languages).


This is the “newest” category and essentially takes the harder elementary lessons that we have, along with some easier intermediate lessons to help you bridge the gap between the two main levels. We hope to go through our content and sort more lessons into this new level going forward.

Intermediate Download

Congratulations, you’re an intermediate learner. You can now officially make basic conversations and try talking about more complex situations.  You are probably less frustrated by your lack of understanding of Chinese.  At the same time, your speed of improvement will slow at this level.  Fear not for you need to bust through this barrier.  Continue to listen to ChinesePod each day and you will see gradual improvements.  At this level, you will hear lots more Chinese in the lesson, with one host usually speaking in Chinese, and the other speaking in English.


Upper-intermediate lessons are for students with conversational fluency but looking to use more sophisticated language and tackle more specialized topics. You can get around easily in day to day life and have casual chats with your friends, but as soon as conversations or situations move away from the familiar, your comprehension drops and you get frustrated at not being able to express yourself fully.

Advanced Download

You can already run circles around your friends but you are looking for “complete” fluency in Chinese. There are two types of lesson in the advanced levels.


For advanced students, Upper Advanced lessons present a new challenge: unfiltered Chinese, as it’s used in real contexts, taken from original sources.